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The Erasmus+ OER-CRAFT Project (2015-2017) qualified as a good practice example

The Erasmus + OER-Craft Project, coordinated by the University of Malaga by Dr. Ana M. Castillo Clavero (Full College Professor in Business Organization) and managed by the International Relations and Cooperation Service, has been selected as an example of good practice by the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education, SEPIE, the Spanish National Erasmus+ Agency. A summary of the project issues and results can be seen in the Project Results Platform at the link

After the submission of the final report which described all its intellectual outputs and achievements, and which has obtained a score of 80/100 points (rating "very good"), the SEPIE has considered that the project has obtained results that overpassed the proposed objectives in a positive way. In particular, the project has shown a high quality and consistency with the goals and priorities of the call; the management, coordination and quality assurance mechanisms have been effective and especially the dissemination plans and events have been of great quality and have contributed to give to the project and its intellectual products a high visibility, fully meeting the objectives and priorities of the Erasmus + program.

The project, correspondent to the 2015’s call, has lasted two years (September 2015 to August 2017) and has been formulated and executed by a consortium of eight organizations from six European countries: Univerzita Komenskeho v Bratislave, Slovakia; IDP sas di Giancarlo Costantino (Italian Development Partners), Italy; Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires asbl, Belgium; Internet Web Solutions S.L., Spain; Emporiko kai Viomichaniko Epimelitirio Pafou, Cyprus; Asociation EDUNET, Romania; Andalucía Emprende, FPA, Spain. This consortium has been an excellent team to which the University of Malaga wants to thank their effort, dedication and kindness in the work throughout the execution of the project.

The fundamental objective of OER-Craft has been the creation of an open digital platform (OER -Open Educational Resources) that contains a set of 140 fiches and 70 training courses, in seven languages, in text and audio, aimed at enhancing and improving business training for increasing the competitiveness of artisans, micro-companies and entrepreneurs in the artisan-crafts sector (e.g. textiles, ceramics, jewelry, etc.), facilitating a type of training that they would hardly have access to in rural and dispersed areas where many of these activities are located. This platform is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at and does not require any identification or access requirements to users, who may visit it and use its resources up to two years after the project end (September 2019).

Art and crafts represent a cultural heritage of incalculable value -as the European Commission has recognized by designating 2018 as "European Year of Cultural Heritage", a repository of ancestral knowledge increasingly threatened by globalization and the low-cost mode of production. It is also a dispersed sector which is not always well attended from the institutions, it is also very feminized and its representatives, although they have a great wealth of technical-artistic knowledge, most of the time lack the appropriate business tools to compete in an environment every time more globalized, and to make effective use of media such as the Internet or e-commerce.

This positive rating of the project and its selection as an example of good practice have been reflected in the invitation made to the University of Malaga, in the person of the project coordinator, Dr. Ana M. Castillo Clavero, to participate by sharing the OER-Craft experience in the Follow-up to Strategic Partnerships (KA2) Call 2016, held in Seville on 5th and 6th April, where the good results obtained by the project, particularly in the field of dissemination, have been exposed.

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