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4th Transnational Meeting OER-Craft Erasmus+ Project

Last April 21st took place the 4th OER Craft Erasmus + Project Transnational Meeting coordinated by
UMA’s professor Dr. Ana M. Castillo Clavero, Ph. D (Full College Professor in Business Organisation at the
Faculty of Economics and Business) and managed by the Cooperation and International Relations Service
of the Vicerectorate for International Affairs; the project has a two year length (September 2015-August
2017) and involves organizations from six different countries: UniverzitaKomenskeho v Bratislave,
Slovakia; IDP sas di Giancarlo Costantino (Italian Development Partners), Italy; Institut de Haute Formation
aux Politiques Communautaires asbl, Belgium; Internet Web Solutions S.L., Spain; Emporikokai
Viomichaniko Epimelitirio Pafou, Cyprus; Asociatia EDUNET, Roumania; Andalucía Emprende, Fundación
Pública Andaluza, Spain.
The project’s main objective is the creation of an OER type platform – “Open Educational Resources” to
provide training material such as training fiches, modules and training courses with the aim of fostering
the creation of micro enterprises (sole traders included) in the craft and artistic sectors (i.e. fabrics,
pottery, jewellery, etc.) as well as compiling good practices, procedures, and advice to fostering a strong
and sustainable entrepreneurship in this field.
The Project is targeting not only current entrepreneurs but also would-be-entrepreneurs mainly in the
rural areas, in any region from the participating countries, who usually lack the tools and counselling
needed to promote and develop their own enterprise. The aim is to facilitate the promotion and
commercialization of their products and services at local, regional, national and international level.
After the Kick-Off Meeting held in UMA in September 2015, the second Transnational Meeting took place
in Craiova, Romania, in April 2016, the Third Transnational Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, in October 2016,
alongside the European Week of Regions and Cities, this fourth Transnational Meeting has been held in
Bratislava, at Comenius University premises (UniverzitaKomenskeho v Bratislave), Slovakia, to complete
the necessary tasks towards the total implementation of the project activities and to establish the last
steps of the action plans regarding administrative and financial management, communication, promotion,
dissemination, quality, etc, to guarantee the project success.
The assessment of the meeting results is quite positive as it has been highlighted that the project has
reached almost all the operational activities committed (setting up an online platform, production of
training materials and contents, translation to different languages, face to face courses, quality
assessment, etc.) fulfilling all the set deadlines. It has been confirmed the wide range of the disseminationof the materials and a satisfactory number of users as the project website is growing steadily in the
monthly visits as it shows the web metric indicators analyzed. It is noteworthy that the project has
outperformed in the number of businesses/entrepreneurs trained in the face to face courses, key action
to validate the quality of the training materials and its usefulness for the target group.
In addition, the project dissemination has been quite active by all partners involved, including publications
in websites and social networks, press news, videos in YouTube, advertising events, and participation in
entrepreneurship and sectors forums and meetings which has allowed reaching the target group.
Amid the agreements adopted in this meeting, the date for the Fifth Transnational and final Meeting has
been set and will take place in Pescara, Italy, next July the 5th, once the Project Results Dissemination
Conference has taken place, which will be hosted in Malaga in the last week of June, this year.