How to choose your brand name


How to choose your brand name
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At the end of this training fiche you will have enough knowledge about how to choose your brand name.  


This training fiche is focused on how to choose your brand name. The branding of your company starts with a good name. One of the things that people remember from a company is the name and the service that you have provided. When you are choosing a brand name you need to consider that your name is an extension of your company, it can reinforce the value that you provide or distance you from it.  When you are deciding which name to use it is important that you decide what the name should mean or represent. 

It includes what your brand says, what its values are, how you communicate its concepts, and which emotions you want your customers to feel when they interact with your business. 


    Tap into the power of symbolism and sounds: 
Certain sounds inspire positive emotions that results in experiences that are likely to be positive. When choosing a brand name, you need to think about the words that you are using in everyday life. 

    Use memorization techniques to find concepts that stick: 
In the current economy, the best company names are emotion- driven and memorable. When you struggle to find your company name, stop focusing on what you want your company to be, Instead, think about the emotions that you want your target group to feel. 

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